The House is Finally Ours

The paperwork seemed endless and for a bit it seemed as though we were not going to make it to the finish line, but that was not how it worked out in the end. We closed the deal last Friday just before the bank closed and now we are going to do some work before we start to move in. The house is tiny, but there are just Sandy and me, so it is perfect in that way. I called a guy that does tree pruning in long island to come over and look at this one dead limb. I would not worry about it if it were not directly over the driveway, and in fact it is exactly over the place where the cars are going to be parked. The limb is big enough to do a lot of damage to a car and it certainly would not do either of us any good either, so it has to go before we move in the place.

We have just enough money left over to remodel the bathroom and as soon as we saw the place we knew that this would have to be done. In fact I talked to the guy I am going to get to do it before I even decided to buy the place for sure. We figured that the house was not really going to be complete until we got that done and that we needed to consider the time and money this would cost before we made our move. Our first idea was a lot more dramatic than what we eventually decided that we are going to do, but of course drama is a costly thing and we knew about what we could afford to spend on the thing. He says the pipes are thin, whatever that means.

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