Moving to an Inexpensive Area is Helping Me with Retirement Funds

The apartments in Goodlettsville TN have always seemed like a much to rent than the ones located where I lived, so I got curious one day about moving there. The place I live is much more expensive and not as pretty. I wanted to start saving more money, and I figured that finding a nice apartment to rent that costs much less than what I had been paying would be a good way to do that. I already did what I could to be thrifty, and I had cut down so many of my bills and purchases as it was. The only thing left to do was to find a place that would be much cheaper because there were no other things bills that I could cut down even further.

My parents taught me from a very young age how important it is to save money. I am 28 years old, and most people my age are busy spending their money because their retirement seems to far off to them. When they would see how much money I would save, they would always tell me these were the best years of my life and that I should just have fun and save later in my thirties. My parents taught me that this is an illusion and that too many young people fall for it. They explained why that is, and they taught me that some of the best years of your life actually happen after you retire.

The place I found in Goodlettsville is $500 less each month in rent cost. I have been able to take that extra savings and put it into my 401(k)plan each month. My employer matches the funds that I put into the 401(k), so I now have an extra $1000 being saved every month. I don’t know anyone my age who is able to do this or wants to.

An Old Football Injury Bothered Me

I had hurt my shoulder when I was playing football in high school. That was several years ago, and I thought that the pain was just something that I was going to have to live with. I went to college and tried to play ball, but those days were just over for me. Instead, I got a business degree and moved to Illinois. I was rooming with one of my friends from high school, and he was surprised I still suffered from that football injury. He told me that I should consider seeing a Chicago acupuncture expert as he felt that I would be able to get a lot of relief from it.

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Something Was Wrong with My Back

I had no idea what a chiropractor would do for me, but I was willing to go and see one if it meant I would find relief from the pain I was experiencing. It all started when I fell down the last two steps of my porch steps. I did not fall completely down, which I guess was fortunate. Still, even with regaining my balance, I knew that something was wrong because of the pain that I felt. I did a search for a Sacramento chiropractor because I wanted to find someone to help me as soon as possible.

This was not one of those aches where you know it will go away after a day or so. Continue reading “Something Was Wrong with My Back”